our company

NLC is a pioneer in hangtags, labels and branded packaging for over 30 years. Our Belgian office is now represented in multiple European and Asian countries. Through inspired graphic design, teamwork, and worldwide production and logistics, NLC is the best choice as a partner for your brand and marketing projects.
We are specialized in woven labels, paper hangtags, printed ribbons, embroidery badges, paper bags, metal pendants, gift boxes and many, many more branded items.

what makes us special?

A team of passionate people focused on communication, efficiency and design.
Starting from day one, your brand will be appointed a personal NLC Agent, who will manage all communications and processes from concept to delivery. This ensures that the goals of your project will be well defined and understood, and that all of the correct steps will be efficiently executed.
NLC’s graphic designers bring to the table a wealth of knowledge of techniques and new materials that will help you to think “outside the box” … maybe even a little beyond your comfort zone.
The NLC team has a long, successful history of combining a complete knowledge of their clients’ goals, a keen knowledge of design trends and their personal strengths to develop innovative solutions to an endless diversity of branding challenges.